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Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

At the Breast Center of Cyprus we offer the option of conducting a stereotactic breast biopsy, which is one of the most advanced method of biopsies in our time and it is based on a state of the art automated robotic technology. Our goal is the proper and early diagnosis of breast cancer, while the lesion is still small and impalpable and at the same time avoiding any unnecessary surgeries. This new method of Stereotactic biopsy with suction is conducted with the help of the digital mammogram. It is, without a doubt, a precise process since the needle is directed on the exact depicted location of the lesion but it is also as affective as a surgical biopsy due to the collection of large sections of tissues from the area. The system of stereotactic biopsy that The Breast Center of Cyprus has is supplied with the appropriate software that allows it to perform stereotactic biopsies even to lesions that are only visible in Tomobiopsy..

The stereotactic biopsy is conducted by a specialised breast radiologist and specialised technological radiologists.

Frequent Questions

What is breast biopsy?

  1. Biopsy is the examination under the microscope and the histological identification of a small portion of tissue from the area that a “suspicious” lesion is detected. So far, this process only took place through a surgical procedure. Today, the possibility of stereotactic biopsy reduces to a minimum any unnecessary surgical biopsies.
  2. Stereotactic breast biopsy is the most modern method and is based on an automated 3D digital technology. If a suspicious small lesion is detected (even if it is 1-2 millimiters) it can offer histological identification of the lesion without surgery. It takes place using local anesthesia and a small incision.

How is the stereotactic biopsy conducted?

  1. It takes place at the location of the mammographer. Your breast will be placed on a special socket and will be compresses just like in a mammography.
  2. Through an x-ray the spot in which we want the biopsy to occur will be located. (with the accuracy of a millimeter).
  3. From there and under the impact of local anesthesia, we will make a small incision where the needle will reach the desirable point and extract a small tissue sample for the biopsy.
  4. From that point on we will place a small clip at the point where the biopsy took place in order to be able to check its position during the mammogram. The clip is extremely small (barely noticeable to the naked eye) and is made of inert material that does not cause any problem.
  5. As soon as the procedure is completed we will conduct the mammography examination to make sure that the biopsy will give the desirable result.
  6. The whole process is conducted with the use of a computer and of the latest state-of-the-art automated robotic technology, to minimise any errors.
  7. The tissue that was extracted will be sent to pathology laboratory to be examined under a microscope. The final result of the histological examination consists of a series of time-consuming procedures that last five working day.

Can this lead to surgery?

Stereotactic biopsy relieves us from surgical biopsy. If, however, the results of the histological examination deems the need of a holistic treatment as necessary then some sort of surgery might be required.

How long does it last?

The length of the biopsy is 60 seconds. It is however a very precise procedure that demands accuracy. For this reason, preparation can last by up to 30-60 minutes.

Does it hurt?

No. Prior to the needle insertion, we will perform local anesthesia so as to not feel any pain. The procedure is not painful; however many women complain as the position is uncomfortable and creates body stiffness. Therefore we suggest that as soon as we place you in bed, you find the most comfortable position for you. Please inform us if you have an allergy to any medicine.

Are there any implications?

A bruise might appear around the trauma but will go away very quickly.


  1. Please let us know if you are pregnant, or suspect that you might be pregnant.
  2. Also you should let us know if you are regularly taking any aspirin or any anticoagulants. It might b necessary to stop taking the medication for a few days prior to the biopsy to avoid the risk of bleeding.
  3. You do not have to come with an empty stomach. You can eat something light and it is suggested that you avoid drinking milk.

Treating the wound after the biopsy

  1. The wound will not exceed half centimeter therefore no stitches are necessary. We will place a medical adhesive which you will be able to remove in a few days. The adhesive is waterproof thus you can wash as always.
  2. A bruise might occur which will be absorbed on its own in a few days.
  3. It is recommended that you do not get tired on the day of the biopsy. If you are working we will provide you with a sick leave.
  4. If you feel any pain you can take a simple pain killer.


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