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3D – Digital Mammography – Tomosynthesis

Digital mammography is considered to be an exam undertaken as part of the early prevention process.
At the Breast Centre of Cyprus, a state of the art digital mammogram is installed which uses the method of tomosynthesis provided by the American colossus Hologic.

Digital mammography produces high resolution images with increased clarity and detail. Additionally, through the technology of tomosynthesis, a 3-dimensional depiction of the breast with multiple detailed incisions of one millimeter helps to identify early or suspicious lesions, something which conventional mammograms lack, especially with dense breast tissues. Aside from the 2 basic images taken of each breast through the 2-dimensional mammography, additional 100-150 images are also taken of each breast.

Some of the advantages of the digital mammogram are:

  • Processing of the x-ray image so as to achieve excellent quality
  • Increased reliability
  • Short examination time
  • Decreased dosage of radiation
  • Automatic determination of the level of radiation used according to the composition, the size of the breast and the pressure applied.
  • High accuracy and safety
  • Automatic enlargement of breast areas with no additional radiation
  • Pain reduction method during breast compression

Digital mammography using tomosynthesis is part of the top leading evolution in the preventive medicine sector.

Our digital mammogram is supplied with a suitable software that allows the take of an additional tomosynthesis image without increasing the level of radiation used compared to other mammograms of tomography that do not have the corresponding technology available.

To sum up, our mammogram provides additional information from the internal part of the breast without increasing the level of radiation that is received by a woman, which is significantly lower compared to other conventional mammograms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital tomosynthesis?

Tomosynthesis is a new 3D technology of breast depiction with higher diagnostic accuracy in the duagnosis of breast disease contrary to the conventional mammography, as it has the potential to distinguish normal tissue from the problem, making it easier to detect any suspicious lesions, even the small sized ones.

What is the difference between the technology of tomosynthesis and the conventional digital mammography?

The main problem with the conventional mammography is that when the breast is pressed during the examination, the various elements in the breast are compressed against each other. As a result, the exam can sometimes not be able to spot any important evidence. With the aid of the state-of-the-art technology of tomosynthesis, breast is depicted through multiple detailed incisions of one millimeter. This means that nothing can get away. Therefore, digital tomosynthesis is established as another more reliable examination for a woman.

What are the advantages of digital tomosynthesis?

a. The chances of false positive or false negative diagnosis are minimalised.
b. It increases the diagnostic accuracy of small lesions at an early stage
c. Fewer repetitions of examinations
d. Fewer repetition of examinations
e. Less pressure is applied on the breast, thus less pain

What is true in terms of the radiology we are exposed to? Is it more than the conventional digital mammography?

The time required for the digital tomosynthesis is slightly more in comparison with the time required in digital mammography and the level of radiation the individual is exposed to remains low and safe. Women who avoid mammography out of fear that radiation exposure may harm them should know that mammography radiation is more or less the same as the radiation they are exposed to when they sit under the sun on a sunny day.

Can I have digital tomosynthesis examination without going through mammography?

Digital mammography with tomosynthesis is, according to the American Medicine Organisation (FNA), an independent depiction technique that is complementary of the digital mammography for a better diagnosis. Digital mammography still remains the basic examination and should be complemented by tomosynthesis when and if it is deemed appropriate.

Which women should have a digital tomosynthesis exam?

  1. Due to its ability to penetrate the mass this method is indicated for women who have dense breast tissue at a young age but also to women with hereditary history.
  2. Digital tomosynthesis is also indicated to cases where mammography has revealed something that requires a further investigation.


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